Learn about Love Addiction

Is my relationship healthy?

We have a staggering divorce rate which causes untold damage to the partners and even more so to their children. This is directly related to the dysfunctional rules in our families and society. We are bombarded with unhealthy role models in movies and TV that teach infantile and possessive love.

This course teaches the principles of both healthy and unhealthy love. It explains in detail how poor parenting and individuation leads to addictive love and points the way to change this.

The Process of Individuation
The Characteristics of Love Addiction
The Characteristics of Healthy Love
The Characteristics of Healthy and Unhealthy Love: Conclusion
Love Addiction: Conclusion
Love Addiction Quiz

What's included

  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 3 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Jef Gazley